Dr. farida S. Maniaar

Address : urban health centre jamalpur(IMA)
Date : 20/04/2014

"I am thankfulto chistie saab & madam for inviting me and speaking to the parents of students.i congratulate them for working for such a noble cause.I hope that this school develop to the extent that th community can take pride and the lower and middle class families of the area are beneficial and their students enlighten the community at large"
Thanking you
Farida Maniaar

Baba Saheb Ambedkar University

Dr.Ravi Gor , Piyush Shah , Dr.Bharat Pandya
Date : 16/10/2012

"It good event very well organised .There was a flag off event for Kamdhenu vans for computer training. "
"The organiser of event and school trustees have a good vision for educational activities. "
"All the best"

Pro Mohammed Halim Khan

Member,National Monitouring Committee For Minority Education
Date : 5/5/12

"It is my pleasure to visit this institution .I congratulate the trustee specially Prof Chandbibi Sahiba for working so hard in this age for the community.I wish them success in the mission."            
Thanking you
Mohammed Halim Khan

Dr. Bharati Shelat

Date : 26/01/2012

"Gulshan E Maher School has its own identity.Its trustees ,teachers and the school children are very takented " . "I congratulate the school trustees Dr. Chandbibi shaikh and shaikh Saheb and also their teachers .I wish them all to do good work and better future"
Thank you ,
Bharati shelat

Syed Nadeem Jafri

Chief Mentor , Hearty Mart
Date :

"A good noble initiative - Gulshan e Maher brings in good quality education in English and Gujrati mediums for the residents of the locality . It is well supported by visionary and progressive management and backed by a decent infrastructure. Here's wishing all the best to the school and the people involved with it."

Lovingia Consultant Pvt Ltd

Address : c/2,Mangaleyatan,Nr.Law garden,Ahmedabad
Date : 15/08/2013

"Complete dedication of trustees and staff has made this little organisation a pleasant place" .
"Pupils of the school will go a long way to built the society and nation because of strong and excellent foundation" .
"I wish from the bottom of my heart a great time ahead for the school"

R.K. Malaviaya

Address : 7,Pavandham Society,Bopal,Ahmedabad
Date : 12/11/2011

"It is commendable effort and I wish you a great success."
Thanking you
R.K. Malaviaya

Amrita Rathore , Ahmedabad Mirror

Date : 26/01/2013

" It is amazing one can learn Urdu in just 15 days.All the best for the programme "
"Most people should benefit from this opportunity"
Thanking you
Amrita Rathore
Ahmedabad Mirror

Dr. Aproov Patel(Surgeon)

Date : 26/01/2013

"I am honoured today in true sense by true people.I sincerely wish to pray for this institute to flourish Once again thanks madam for giving an opportunity to be here"
Thanking you
Aproov Patel

U.F.Malek (Retired Asst. General Manager)

Reserve Bank Of India

Date : 10/01/2015

"It was my great pleasure to have attended the Annual function of Gulshan E Maher School ,as a guest of honour on 10th January,2015. I was deeply touched by a warm welcome showing pleasant, elegant, cordial and gracious environment of the school."

"I was immensely impressed with the fact that the school provides education facilities right from pre-primary to secondary level to the poor and needy students of the backward area with a noble motive, thereby saving the society at large."

"The School has remarkably progressed well rapidly and effectively within a short span of 10 years."

"Moreover the cultural programme present by the students of different age group was significantly delightful, educative and impressive."

"Bottom Of my heart ,I wish glorious ,bright and mounting success of the school."

Thank You for the invitation
U.F. Malik

Salehbhai A Master (Retired Chief Manager)

Union Bank Of India, Ahmedabad
Interview Panel Member
Indian Banks, Mumbai. M-9898739990

Date : 9/05/2015

"I am happy and proud and highly appreciative for the service being rendered by our Gulshan E Maher School..You are building a second line leadership in towards society and nation."

"I always recollect a smooth functioning and excellent administrative abilities of the management and reputation of the school has been always at peek."

"I pledge to devote my services where ever and whenever required, it will be my pleasure."

"Wishing you all Allah's blessings."

Yours Sincerely,

Prof. Trupti Vora

"I am happy to endorse full credibility to the English medium school run by you Mrs. Shaikh.  Your dedication to the cause of education is commendable. I found the teachers very amicable and the students disciplined. The premises are clean and green. I wish you success in your endeavour."
Trupti Vora